high heel protectors KiiX
It’s no secret that we get attached to our shoes. After finding the perfect pair, matching them with our outfits, and spending time breaking them in, we want them to last as long as possible. With KiiX high heel protectors, you can seamlessly and affordably extend the life of your favorite heels.

KiiX are clear adhesive high heel protectors that are applied directly to the heel of your shoe to create a barrier against scuffs, tears and daily wear and tear, keeping your high heels looking like new. KiiX are a smart investment in the life of your shoes.

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Leave your tattered, scuffed high heels behind and make your shoes last longer with using Just for KiiX heel protectors for high heels. Our selection now includes both black and clear colors. Just for KiiX heel protectors work great in mud, grass, and gravel. If you have any questions about our heel protectors please call us at (919) 412-3560.