Practically everyone knows that walking thru mud with high heels is a tragedy waiting to happen. Your heels sink into the mud, they become extremely dirty, or worse, they get scuffed and scratched. Sometimes, avoiding mud is impossible and we must try our best to protect our heels. However, the chances of escaping a muddy area without some sort of blemish on your heels are slim. Fortunately, with KiiX heel protectors for mud, this no longer has to be the case. Our heel protectors allow you to walk thru any muddy surface without damaging your beloved heels.

What are KiiX Heel Protectors for Mud?

Heel Protectors for MudKiiX heel protectors for mud offer an affordable, effective solution to preventing your heels from being scuffed, scratched, or scraped when walking thru muddy areas. KiiX are simply durable adhesives that are applied directly to the heel of your shoes to seamlessly shield your heels from muddy, potentially damaging surfaces and prevent all forms of blemishes, like scrapes and scratches. So, in the event that you must walk thru a muddy area in heels, the mud only comes in contact with the completely transparent, durable adhesive rather than your heels, keeping them untouched and safe from harm. KiiX heel protectors for mud are:

  • Our heel protectors were made to be discreet, so they are completely transparent and do not alter the appearance of your heels. The adhesive is easily replaceable and does not leave behind any marks or sticky residue.
  • KiiX heel protectors for mud are composed of advanced polymers, meaning they are built to withstand even the toughest of conditions. They have also been rigorously tested by real consumers to provide only the most durable and long-lasting solution to your high heel concerns.
  • Our KiiX heel protectors provide you with the assurance that your heels are capable of enduring anything, whether it be mud, grass, or tough car floorboards. With our adhesives, your heels become indestructible.

Do KiiX Heel Protectors for Mud Work?

 The creator of KiiX recognized the need for a protective heel solution that actually worked. So, she sought to effectively fill this need. Our high heel protectors for mud are engineered to thoroughly protect your heels in the best way possible, while remaining completely unobtrusive in appearance. With our products, numerous women are experiencing the freedom that comes from knowing their heels are able to withstand any tough surface without suffering a single blemish. Our durable, clear adhesives are highly effective and long-lasting, extending the lifespan of your heels dramatically.

Don’t Let Mud Ruin Your Beloved Heels; Just Get KiiX!

It takes at least $50 to buy a new pair of heels, but only $10 to protect them. Don’t spend any more money replacing damaged heels. Instead, let our KiiX heel protectors for mud defend and protect your beloved heels from all blemishes. Shop with us today to extend the lifespan of your heels! If you have any questions about how KiiX heel protectors can protect your heels from mud, please complete the form below.