Walking along a gravel surface always poses a threat for any individual in any type of high heel. Often times, just a few steps across those numerous tiny rocks results in a dreaded scuff, scrape, or scratch of all sizes, which ruin or damage our precious heels. Gravel doesn’t discriminate; no heel is safe from the almost inevitable blemish that results from a quick trip across it. However, with KiiX heel protectors for gravel, you can now walk thru any gravel surface without a single concern of damaging your heels.

What are KiiX Heel Protectors for Gravel?

Heel Protectors for GravelKiiX heel protectors for gravel are the perfect solution to avoiding any scuffing, scratching, or scraping of your heels when walking across gravel surfaces. Our heel protectors are transparent adhesives that cling directly to the back of your heels to form a durable barrier between your shoes and damaging surfaces – like gravel. So, when coming in contact with those sharp, pesky rocks, the sturdy adhesive acts as a shield, preventing any scratching, scraping, or scuffing of your heels altogether. What’s more, in the rare occurrence that the adhesive itself becomes damaged by a particularly troublesome rock, it can be easily replaced in minutes without leaving any sticky residue or marks. KiiX heel protectors for gravel are:

  • Our heel protectors are completely transparent, meaning the overall appearance of your heels will not be altered.
  • KiiX heel protectors for gravel are created with advanced polymers and have undergone extensive testing to ensure optimal functioning. They are engineered to withstand any damaging surfaces to thoroughly protect your heels.
  • With KiiX heel protectors for gravel, cautiously walking on gravel surfaces is no longer mandatory, as your heels are now able to come in contact with any potentially damaging surfaces, from grass to mud, without a single blemish. Now, you can walk with confidence.

Do KiiX Heel Protectors for Gravel Work?

Unlike many high heel products on the marketplace, our heel protectors for gravel have been continuously tested and redesigned to protect your heels in the best way possible. Upon founding this lifechanging product, our mission was to create a product that thoroughly did its job. That is why our customers have been extremely pleased with our products, as they no longer have to worry about scuffing, scratching, or scraping their heels when walking thru gravel surfaces. Our durable adhesive heel protectors will eliminate the concern of blemishing your heels when coming in contact with rough surfaces, allowing your heels to endure anything without a single scratch.

You Can Walk On Gravel Surfaces Without Destroying Your Heels Today

Sometimes, walking along gravel pathways are unavoidable. So, why chance ruining your favorite pair of heels when you can easily protect them? It takes at least $50 to buy a new pair of heels, but only $10 to protect them. Shop with us today to save lots of money by protecting your heels. If you have any questions about how Kiix heel protectors can protect your heels from gravel, complete the form below.