One of the most frustrating things for any high heel wearer is attempting to walk in a grassy area without damaging your heels. We try our hardest not to sink into the grass and blemish our beloved heels, squeezing every muscle in our legs and walking awkwardly on our toes to protect them, only to still end up with a large, deep scratch that ruins them for good. Fortunately, the days of this hassle are over; with our KiiX heel protectors for grass, outdoor events in heels are now easier than ever.

What are KiiX Heel Protectors for Grass?

Heel Protectors for GrassJust for KiiX has designed affordable and durable heel protectors for grass to seamlessly protect your heels from the inevitable scuffs, scrapes, and scratches that result from a brief walk thru any grassy area. These lifesavers are simply small adhesives that are applied directly to the heel of your shoe to protect them from all grassy threats. Ultimately, it is designed to create a barrier between the heel of your shoes and damaging, outside surfaces that your heel can encounter. So, when walking thru a grassy area, if your heel does happen to sink into the grass, the clear adhesive will shield your shoes from any damage, leaving you with a perfectly undamaged shoe. KiiX heel protectors for grass are:

  • Our heel protector adhesive is completely transparent and clear, meaning your heels will look as new as ever. The adhesive is not only easy to apply and remove, but also does not leave any marks or sticky residue.
  • KiiX heel protectors for grass are made up of advanced polymers and have undergone rigorous testing to provide only the most durable and long-lasting solution. In other words, they are more than capable of defending your heels from scuffs, scratches, and scrapes while taking minimal to no damage.
  • With our heel protectors, your high heels are able to withstand anything without a scratch – even rocky, muddy, grassy areas.

Do KiiX Heel Protectors for Grass Work?

In the process of launching KiiX heel protectors for grass, the owner’s mission was to create a product that actually worked. After successfully doing so, many women are now loving the lifechanging effects of this small, yet mighty product. KiiX heel protectors effectively work to extend the lifespan of your valuable high heels by completely eliminating the misfortunes of scratches, scuffs, and scrapes when walking through grassy areas. The durable adhesive provides a sturdy barrier between your heels and grassy surfaces, thoroughly protecting your heels and saving you money in the process. Don’t believe us? Just look at our reviews.

Don’t Let Grassy Areas Ruin Another Pair of Your Favorite Heels…

With KiiX heel protectors for grass, you no longer have to worry about scuffing, scratching, or scraping your heels during an outdoor event. Instead, you can confidently walk without any concerns. It takes at least $50 to buy a new pair of heels, but only $10 to protect them. Shop with us today to start saving lots of money by protecting your heels from the perils of grass. If you have any questions about how KiiX can protect your heels from grass, complete the form below.