Most high heel lovers are fully aware of the threats that grass, mud, or rocks can pose to heels, but commonly forget about the prevalent threat that arises from simply driving: scuffing the back of our high heels. After all, life is busy, few stop (or remember) to take their heels off before driving to prevent the nearly inevitable scratches, scuffs, or scrapes. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry at all about taking your heels off when driving? If you answered yes to this question, KiiX heel protectors for driving is the perfect solution.

What are KiiX Heel Protectors for Driving?

Heel Protectors for DrivingKiiX heel protectors for driving are individually made to shield the back of your shoes from being scraped or scuffed by your floorboards or other car components. They are simply a durable adhesive that is placed directly on the back of your shoes, serving as an effective barrier between your shoes and any object that can damage your heels. So, when rushing to get to work or fulfill the other various demands of life, KiiX heel protectors for driving protect your heels from any scrapes or scratches that can result from the simple actions of getting into your car or hitting the break and gas pedals. Our heel protectors are:

  • Our heel protector adhesive is completely inconspicuous, meaning your heels will look as though they just left the store. The adhesive is both easy to apply and remove, and also does not leave any marks or sticky residue.
  • KiiX heel protectors for driving are created with advanced polymers and thoroughly tested by real consumers. So, they are more than capable of defending your heels from scuffs, scratches, and scrapes while taking minimal to no damage.
  • Using our heel protectors, your high heels are able to withstand anything without a scuff or scratch – even frantically hitting car floorboards and gas pedals.

Do KiiX Heel Protectors for Driving Work?

There are several products on the marketplace that claim to extend the lifespan of your beloved heels. However, few of these products actually work without affecting the overall appearance of your heels. That is, until our products were created. With KiiX heel protectors for driving, numerous women are enjoying not having to worry about damaging their heels while commuting. Our durable, clear adhesives ensure that your heels are protected from scratches, scuffs, and scrapes caused from driving by creating a tough barrier between your heels and damaging surfaces, consequently saving you money. They are affordable and effective solutions to your high heel concerns.

Protect Your Favorite Pair of Heels from Scratches and Scuffs Now!

It takes at least $50 to buy a new pair of heels, but only $10 to protect them. Don’t spend any more money replacing damaged heels. Our heel protectors can effectively resolve that issue. Shop with us today to prevent a quick trip in the car from damaging your beloved heels. If you have a question about how KiiX heel protectors can help protect your from driving, complete the form below.