Have a question about our products or wanting to learn more about our KiiX high heel protection? Take a look at the FAQs below, and feel free to contact us online to get more information about Just for KiiX heel protectors.


Are KiiX weather sensitive?

KiiX are weather resistant. Although you are not likely to wear your heels extensively in the rain or snow, KiiX will hold up in these conditions.


What if a KiiX gets damaged in the process of protecting my heels?

Simply remove the KiiX in the reverse order that you applied it (see removal FAQ below) and replace it with a new KiiX.


 How do I remove a KiiX?

Remove a KiiX in the reverse order that you applied it. Start on the inside of the heel (the part facing the sole of the shoe). Begin to slowly peel the KiiX off from one side and then remove it from the entire heel. Don’t start at the top of the outside of the heel. This tends to make removal challenging.


Any tips to increase the performance of my KiiX?

Always start with a clean heel and make sure to take proper care of your leather per the manufacturer’s instructions.


For which heels are KiiX NOT recommended?

Satin, silk, glitter, snake skin, cloth, suede or suede-like material.


What if my heels are shorter than 1 ¼ inches, can I still protect them?

Absolutely! The perforations are for ease of use, but you can always trim your KiiX shorter with scissors. For best results, trim before removing from the backing.


Just for KiiX makes high heel protectors that are durable and easy to use. Buy KiiX online or find them at retailers across the country, including in Nordstrom stores.