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"KiiX heel protectors are amazing! Stop shredding your heels." - Hoda Kotb

"To protect your favorite high heels from nicks, grab a pair of Just for KiiX high heel protectors." - Glamour Magazine

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What are KiiX Heel Protectors?

KiiX heel protectors are a special kind of heel protector that is easy to install and does a great job protecting your high heels from scratches and scuff marks. KiiX heel protectors are clear and invisible to the eye making them a great way to protect shiny or matte heels of any color.

High Heel Protection

Sometimes one innocent step can lead to a tear or scratch that makes your heels not worth wearing anymore. You spent a lot of money on your heels so naturally protecting your heels with KiiX heel protectors becomes a great investment!

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Protection For Drivers
Using Kiix high heel protectors, your high heels are able to withstand anything without a scuff or scratch – even frantically hitting car floorboards and gas pedals. Drive in comfort with KiiX heel protectors!

Grass Protection
KiiX high heel protectors will give your heel with the protection they need when walking across grass to avoid scuff marks and scrapes. Walk through grass without worry!

Gravel is No Longer a Threat
With KiiX heel protectors for gravel, cautiously walking on gravel surfaces is no longer a threat, as your heels are now able to come in contact with gravel without a single blemish. Walk on gravel with confidence!

Heel Protection From Mud
KiiX high heel protectors provide you with the assurance that your heels are capable of enduring anything including dirt and mud. With our adhesives, your heels become indestructible. Protect your heels from mud!

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invisible invincible indestructible high heel protectors

Listen to What Our Customer Have To Say

Inexpensive Shoe Insurance !!!

Inexpensive Shoe Insurance !!!

``Great product. After scuffing countless heels, I learned about KiiX Heel Protectors. They work like a gem! Applied them to one pair of shoes, went walking downtown where there are bricks and ruts in the sidewalk, and had no scuffs but the end of the afternoon. Great product!``

Thanks for saving my heels!

Thanks for saving my heels!

``I absolutely love these and always keep a spare pack in my purse. These have been a life saver for me on more than one occasion & I love showing them off during wedding season. I even gifted several packs to my bridesmaids for my own wedding, and they all had nothing but positive things to say as well. I highly suggest this product.``
- Erica

These are fantastic and really work!

These are fantastic and really work!

``These are fantastic! I use them on the soft, tropical grass in Singapore and they really work wonderfully. Highly recommend!``

- Ann

This is a must have for anybody who wears heels.

This is a must have for anybody who wears heels.

``These are perfect. Great protection for your heels. Just what I needed.``
- Kathryn